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NEW: Bitcoin Transparency Edition Watch - All Black
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Bitcoin Halving 2024 Special Edition Watch
Detail shot of the dial of Coin Vigilante's Shadow Edition Bitcoin Watch, highlighting the bitcoin orange accents
Shadow Edition Bitcoin Watch
Sale price$295.00
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Coin Vigilante Bitcoin Watch Model C - The Movement of Sound Money
Coin Vigilante's Bitcoin Watch: Gold Edition with Exclusive NFT
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Bitcoin Watch Model B - First Limited Edition (Only 750 in existence)
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Coin Vigilante Bitcoin Watch Model A - The Tribute Movement to Bitcoin
Coin Vigilante Bitcoin Watch Model D - A Statement of Sound Money
Elegant Coin Vigilante Women's Watch in Rose Gold
Genesis Edition Women's Watch with Silver Dial and NFT
Coin Vigilante Genesis Edition - Women's Silver Bitcoin Watch on la lady's wrist

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Every watch is designed to represent the importance of time and sound money.

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For every person who wears this watch, there is someone in this world who stands for freedom, sound money, and independence