time and money come together as one

For over 2 years we worked on designing the Bitcoin and Litecoin Watches to represent the importance of time and sound money.

A watch created to make a statement and show the world what you stand for.

Today our watches are worn across the world by proud owners who share the vision for sound money

Limited, Scarce, One of a kind


Only 750 Bitcoin and Litecoin Watches are in existence for our first Limited Edition - most of them already gone and worn across the globe.

Each watch has a serial number engraved on the caseback from 001/750, 002/750... all the way up to 750/750 - making every watch unique. 

PURE quality

What are our Watches Made of?

the superior choice for least corrosion, high durability, scratch resistance and is used in making most high end luxurious watches

316L Stainless Steel

Be one of the first in history to buy your watches with Bitcoin or Litecoin

Pay Directly with Bitcoin or Litecoin


"For every person who wears this watch, there is someone out there who represents the respect for time and the appreciaton for sound money"

Carlos Estrada

Who said Time and Money is only for Men? It's NOT

Our unisex watches are designed to fit both men and women. A movement anyone can carry everywhere they go.


Genesis Block Hash

The casebacks are engraved to include a special message:

We included the Genesis Block Hash for both Litecoin and Bitcoin. This hash represents the very first block for both Bitcoin and Litecoin and signifies the beginning of time for sound money and freedom

From a far fetched dream to a movement people will carry everywhere they go

Our Journey

An Idea Sparked

Carlos Estrada decided to create something that would remind him of the importance and respect for time and money.

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