Coin Vigilante Shines at the Litecoin Summit 2022

Unveiling New Edition Watches and Celebrating Litecoin: Coin Vigilante Shines at the Litecoin Summit 2022

Coin Vigilante, a renowned watch brand in the blockchain community, carved out an impactful presence at the highly-anticipated Litecoin Summit 2022 held in Las Vegas. As a proud sponsor, the brand didn't miss an opportunity to show the crypto-world what they had up their sleeve.

Coin Vigilante's Display at the Summit

Our booth at the summit was a hub of interest and activity. Showcasing our unique range of watches that merges sophisticated timekeeping with an appreciation for blockchain technology, our presence was marked by countless interactions with interested parties. From enthusiastic attendees to CEOs, influencers, and blockchain visionaries from across the globe, the booth was bustling with activity and engagement.

Coin Vigilante outstanding watches display at the Litecoin Summit

Unveiling New Watch Editions

As part of our mission to create a seamless blend of fashion and blockchain celebration, we debuted our brand new editions of Bitcoin and Litecoin watches. These included the Rose Gold and Silver women's Bitcoin and Litecoin watches, the enigmatic Shadow Edition Bitcoin and Litecoin watches, and the exquisite Gold Edition Bitcoin and Litecoin watches. Every new edition comes with an NFT for the highest level of authentication, making each timepiece a unique testament to the blockchain technology. These stunning timepieces were welcomed with great excitement by the crypto community, adding a stylish way to show off their support for digital currencies.


Meeting Bitcoin and Litecoin Enthusiasts and Leaders

One of the highlights of the event was interacting with the likes of Charlie Lee, the Creator of Litecoin. It was an honor to see him wearing our Coin Vigilante Litecoin watch with pride. An exciting moment for us was also seeing dozens of attendees from around the world wearing their Coin Vigilante watches. The acknowledgment and support of customers and influential figures in the blockchain world underscore our commitment to creating products that genuinely resonate with the community. We were also privileged to meet Alan Austin, the managing director at the Litecoin Foundation, Jay Milla, marketing director at the Litecoin Foundation, and John Bollinger, the creator of Bollinger Bands. Their presence at the event elevated the discourse around cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Charlie Lee wearing his Coin Vigilante Litecoin watch with Carlos Estrada

Carlos Estrada: A Proud Co-founder Speaks at the Litecoin Summit

A particularly notable presence was that of Carlos Estrada, co-founder of Coin Vigilante. Carlos was one of the chosen speakers at the summit where he had an opportunity to share insights into the industry and the Coin Vigilante brand. One of his focus points was explaining the importance and meaning behind the Bitcoin and Litecoin watches - watches that represent the importance of sound money and cryptocurrencies today.

Wrapping Up an Eventful Summit

The Litecoin Summit was a fantastic opportunity to connect with blockchain enthusiasts and industry leaders. Coin Vigilante, as a sponsor and active participant, was thrilled to be part of this journey. The unveiling of our new editions of watches was met with a positive response, and the connections made at this event are sure to drive us forward in our goal to integrate the worlds of high fashion and cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned to see what Coin Vigilante has in store next for the crypto community!

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