Andra Capital to create Silicon Valley Coin on Tezos Blockchain

Andra Capital, a San Francisco based venture capital firm, has publicly announced today that the company is partnering with Tezos Blockchain to create its cryptocurrency named Silicon Valley Coin (SVC).

The company is offering a tokenized fund focused on private, late-stage technology investments

Silicon Valley Coin website states the following:

“Our Fund invests in late-stage, pre-IPO technology companies and is tokenized through a regulatory compliant, asset-backed, and tradeable security token, Silicon Valley Coin (SVC), to provide access to global investors”

“We’re making it secure and easy to invest in the desirable, late-stage, technology asset class. Blockchain technology and digitized smart contracts are used to open this investment opportunity to permitted investors globally and democratize access”

“The Fund combines a late-stage investment strategy, world-class partners, a perpetual VC structure with tradeable interests, and the latest technology to achieve our objective”

“The Fund targets companies in their hyper growth phase and will aim to provide permitted investors with higher returns and lower risks over a shorter investment period than traditional venture capital funds.”

The initial coin offering (ICO) has the following requirements for investors:

  • Private, Late-stage Technology Companies
  • Minimum Investment: 
  • $10,000 (US Investors)
  • $1,000 (International Investors)
  • Acceptable currencies: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tezos Coin, USD

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